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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has received a loan form Official Development Assistance (ODA) of JAPAN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY (JICA) toward the cost of Communication Network Improvement Project (MY-P9) to apply part of the proceeds of this loan to payments under the contract as“Single Contract” for procurement of Carrier Grade TransmissionEquipment (100Gbps DWDM/ ROADM), Internet Gateway Overhaul & ISP Upgrading for IPv6 (High Capacity Routers, Servers), Power Plant, Air Conditioners, Optical Fiber Cable Laying and Civil Works (110km-duct installation) covering 27 sites from Mandalay to Yangon as well as 27 exchanges in Yangon Metro in Myanmar including related Installation/ Construction , Testing and Commissioning.

The Executing Agency, MPT, intends to prequalify potential bidders for a bid after prequalification which will be conducted through the procedures specified in JICA Guidelines for Procurement under Japanese ODA Loans (April 2012) and is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as specified in the Guidelines.

Prequalification (P/Q) notice with the following contents:

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